For Keynote Operator, PowerPoint ARS, Prezi Operators and Graphic Artist for
Pre-Production and On-Site Presentations

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The Instant Alpha will quickly and cleanly remove the background of an photo; or
mask it with a pre-drawn shape, such as a circle or a star.

Movies, Photos and Music are dragged and dropped directly from file folders on to the presentation slide for quick and easy layouts.

Stunning Text Effects

Text and object animations are a compelling way to punctuate your message.
Build your slide one bullet point, table row, or chart series at a time; or have it all appear at once, entering stage left or spinning onto the screen.
You can fine-tune your animations by setting the duration, and defining the animation path along
a straight line or a curve. Add a 3D chart/table with a click, that will animate.

Keynote has a powerful set of effects, transitions and tools to create elaborate charts, graphs and tables.

Videos playback is seamless and animated backgrounds will enhance your presentation beyond any other.

Keynote Operators and Graphic Artist are available to create
WideScreen (16:9) or custom sized screen graphics for your presentation.

For Keynote Operator and Computers rates for
Pre-Production and On-Site Presentations.


Wireless Controller 

Use your iPhone or iPod  as your a wireless controller to advance your slides, and feel free to roam around the room while you present. In “landscape view”, see the current and next slides and in “portrait”, see the current slide with your slide notes. Just tap to play and swipe to advance, wherever you are in the room.

3D Charts and Chart Animations

New 3D textures and animations add depth and movement and even a touch of fun.
Insert pie charts with a beveled edge or animate a bar chart using Crane or Radial effects

More Ways to Share

There are more ways to share your presentation. Use the new Share menu to instantly email your presentation to your colleagues using a Mac or PC, iWork or Microsoft Office, publish your presentation to the web with it own unique URL. Then others can view your presentation’s slides, post comments, and download a version ideal for them in Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF format. Or post your presentation to Youtube to share with anyone.



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Looking good comes easy.

Keynote’s powerful graphics tools will make each slide in your presentation slides look its absolute best.
There are more than 25 HD-quality transitions and effects including 3D transitions.

Loop videos seamless for wonderful backgrounds. Animated Text may be placed on top of these backgrounds.

Advantages and Abilities over PowerPoint

1. Text Special Effects

2. Videos Looping Backgrounds (16:9 HD)

3. HD Quality Transitions

4. Instant Alpha Tool and Mask for Photos

5. Save as QuickTime, PDF, HTML, or YouTube


wide screen spyder, encore

wide screen spyder, encore